BLACK HOLES Explained In Detail

An imaginary image of black hole Credit:Pixabay

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Today we are going to get into the black holesΒ in great detail and it would be quite simple to be understood by anyone having a bit of scientific knowledge even…. So lets get into it……..


According to NASA, ‘ BLACK HOLES are those regions of space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot escape out of it.’

Did you notice that here gravity is ‘pulled’ so much. Now what does this really mean? Lets get an answer to this.

3d rendering of a hollow sphere cut inside a studio on white
3d rendering of a hollow sphere

The answer is quite a complex one but don’t worry for I am to make it simple for you. So if we want the gravitational force to increase for say a hollow sphere, we are required to add some amount of heaviness(not the correct term, only for understanding) to it i.e. some amount of mass to it.

The mass would actually increase the density of the hollow sphere, as a result of which the F would increase. So the game here is simply of the density.The black holes too are such sorts of objects.They are objects with an infinite density.

Now you must have got with another question that how is black hole infinitely dense?? The answer here is quite a simple one. So let’s discuss that within the formation section:


The phenomenon of the formation of a black hole is quite a complex process and a difficult one to understand but don’t worry I am again here for making it tremendously simple for you.

So this beautiful phenomenon begins with the end. It’s formation begins with the end of a ‘massive’ star.

Image by istockphoto
Supernova Explosion ( Credit:Pixabay)

Here in the above image is a presentation of supernovae explosion. Now you must be wondering on what a supernovae explosion is? So I have linked the an article talking about it. You can probably visit there and I too would be writing a post over the topic. So make sure you have subscribed us for the notifications.

For now just imagine that it’s a type of explosion of all the atoms of star. Now just think of what would be the actual reason behind the explosion, it is of course the gravity. Most people would pretend gravity to be a force but it’s not actually the case. It’s just the curvature of space-time.

We would talk more on it in our upcoming posts. So this gravity is actually responsible for the explosion. Such time arrives only when the core of star can no longer oppose the higher gravitational force thus getting squeezed up into the size of about a point (accurately equal to or smaller than the Schwarzchild’s radius.)

Credit:Perth Observatory

And this happens in about one millionth of a second time. Thus all the mass of the star arranges itself in such a way that the density becomes infinite. (Infinite for we don’t know the actual thing). This point is known as point of singularity.

Singularity is a point from which no object in this universe even light cannot escape and where all laws of physics fail to describe any event.

So that was a simple version of formation of black hole. Now let’s talk on how black hole can be end to the universe.

The End Of Universe – Black Holes:

Well apart from all this, there are several theories that predicts that black holes are the end of this universe and entrance to the other and this is been predicted on the behalf that the density of black holes are infinite and it is also believed that the curvature of space-time is infinite.

So probably the black holes may make a hole in space-time thus joining two or more universe.

Now by not taking it too long, I would like to bind up the article. I haven’t cover the types of black hole to maintain the glory of it as a blog. I will surely try to cover it some other day.

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