Dark Matter And In Simple Terms – An End To Universe 😱 Part 1

Dark Matter In Simple Terms(Part 1) :

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Ever since had we started our exploration into the universe, always had we got with one or more much interesting and mysterious thing.

Mysterious would go for the scientists but for people like us it’s actually weird and like a miracle. However, one such mystery of thing are dark matter and dark energy.

In this blog post we shall go with each bit of information that we could. So let’s begin that all….

What Is Dark Matter In Simple Terms :

Absolutely would one first desire to identify something in his curiousity of discovering something. So here it goes:

“A special type of matter that doesn’t interact with the electromagnetic, thermal and nuclear radiations is defined as dark matter.”

The above statement predicts that it’s a special kind of matter that does not interact with any of the fields known to us till date. It’s absolutely like a plastic or a rubber that doesn’t allow electricity pass through it.

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But don’t consider it to be exactly like them for it doesn’t interact with anything that we’ve found till date.

Now why doesn’t it interact with any other substance? What could be the reason? Nobody knows all that, no theory define them except for some hypothesis that are almost a hundred.

How Were Dark Matter Discovered:

The next question now that might probably strike your mind is if it doesn’t interact with anything. How was it discovered then?

Probably a great question to wonder about, but to tell you it was accidentally discovered by Hubble.

In the year 1920,while he was looking around the space through his famous HUBBLE’S TELESCOPE, he observed a supernova that was black but after a few days, he found the same supernova to be red.


It became red cause of the increase in its wave length made by the dark matter. This led to it’s discovery.

After (Credit: freepressjournal.in )

That was it guys, I hope you got with some abundance of knowledge.

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Till then take care and bye bye….

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