Muon g-2 Experiment -The 5th Fundamental Force Discovery

The Muon g-2 Experiment

Hello everyone, Here we’re to get into another amazing talk on science and today’s agenda is the muon g-2 experiment held on 7th April at the Fermi Laboratory at Brookhaven, USA.

Fermi laboratory
The Muon g-2 experiment


So this experiment has the chance to be one of the greatest experiments in the history of physics for if it’s found to be true, we’re to discover the fifth fundamental force of the universe.

Now I think you must have became more interested then you were…

By the way, I may also tell you that it’s not the first time this experiment is being conducted, it’s been done since 2001 improving the instruments and machines so as to get the desired result but every time, the result was almost same…

So basically there were multiple such experiments been conducted to show that the incompleteness of  standard model been described below…

Standard model

The drawback of this model is that it’s unable explain the gravity,dark matter and dark energy..

This is why scientists want to prove it wrong… So one of those attempts is the muon g-2 experiment held at Fermi laboratory, Brookhaven.

To understand it, let us know about muons at first….

What are muons?

Muons are one of the sub atomic particles that are identical to electrons in properties but are 260 times in mass than electrons.

And this is one of their most meritorious properties that gives us a more clear result about them in magnitude…

Details About The Experiment:

In this experiment the scientists tried to study the interaction of muons with a strong magnetic field at higher energy..

So when they made the muon particle travel at a velocity close to the speed of light with the above conditions been proclaimed.

They found out the g-factor (gyromagnetic factor) value to be 2.00233184122(82) but according to their calculations from the equations of the four fundamental forces of the nature the expected value of g-factor was 2.00233183620(86).

This difference might be looking so less and unnoticeable but remember we’re talking at the level of quanta.

Now lets have a look at muon g-2 experiment results….


As it’s of longer time, the experiment is undergoing several tests so as to obtain the correct results and prove the existence of a 5th fundamental force.

If this experiment will have a sigma value less than 5, it will be considered legitimate and it would be confirmed that there is a 5th fundamental force of the universe..

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