Dark Energy In Simple Terms- Part 2

Dark Energy In Simple Terms- Part

So as I promised guys, here I’m up with yet post number two after dark matter and today we would be looking up at what is dark energy… So let’s have it up…

Dark Energy In Simple Terms:

Here we are to talk about known from unknown. So try to have the intuition in your mind too..

So logically to tolerate gravitational force that tries collapse each bit of thing to its center, at least a planet thing, each such thing would obviously require a force to stand at it…

Here is dark energy playing the game…

Dark Energy can be simply described as a form of energy that doesn’t interact with any type of radiation may it be nuclear,thermo or electromagnetic. It opposes gravity causing the universe to expand…

So the definition here probably would have given you with some idea.about the dark energy…. I would expand over it as dark energy is such a bit of energy that was believed to be reducing per moment of time till only the early 1930s as in 1922, Hubble discovered the expansion of the universe….

He then made several calculations about the same making out certain observations that set out the foundation to the fact that the dark energy was gradually so gradually increasing and so is the pace shown by the universe….

Have you got a question in your mind for how did Hubble discovered it if it doesn’t interact with anything….  So here is your answer…..

Who discovered the dark energy.

Inthe year 1922, Edwin Hubble discovered the energy  while he was observing certain galaxies and supernova.. And here goes a very interesting story about it….he answer to the question that how dark matter was discovered is there in the story….. The story goes when

Edwin Hubble was observing the universe with his so called Hubble Telescope.. This is when he found out a supernovae that was appearing dark and black…..  Somewhat like….


    He did not got to it here at the moment instead after few days in an other other observation, he found the supernovae to be red… Somewhat like……


    You might be thinking that what’s about it being red. But in physics it’s was something very big… Remember that red has the largest wave length and the so called black has no wavelength for it’s nothing more than absence of light..

But as a supernovae explosion always has the involvement of electromagnetic wave.. This electromagnetic had been  got with the increase in wave length due to a energy and that was called the dark energy..

How Much Of The Universe Is Dark Energy:

Well talking about the composition of dark energy in this universe, we have with about 75-78% of universe filled with the dark energy……. Well I also have something interesting for you guys, an extremely amazing video from a great channel….


Now I am to answer some of the questions that people generally have doubt about.. So here are some of them….

1. What Is Dark Energy Made Of ?

Well your curiosity, I may tell you that energy is one such thing in this universe that is not composed of any quanta or something like it. It’s a manifestation of Force to bring displacement stored in a body ( with the perspective of E=F.s). So it’s clearly seen that energy is not made of anything….

2. What Does Dark Energy Do ?

So as I talked up into the article, dark energy creates such an effect that saves the matter from getting squeezed up by the gravitational force ( you can have an abstract that it creates an anti gravity effect in your mind but really it’s not true) and helps the universe to expand..

3. Is Dark Energy Actually Energy ?

So as of the tests and observations made till date we have found enough to call it an energy for a time been but as I mentioned, it’s still very much unknown and we cannot say something about it at this stage of its development…..

4. Can dark energy give you with some superpower ?

According to the theories been proved and considered by the scientists, it’s of an impossible task to obtain some superpowers but if we consider of the hypothesis abstracted by the game series Mass Effect, it considers a so called ‘element zero’ which may be a key to the achievement of superpowers by humans if it could be made possible somehow…..

5. Is dark energy powerful?

Special question for people who are here with us till now….

From my above sayings, you might be thinking of the dark energy to be certainly weak. But I may tell you that it is the most strongest energy of the universe…. Fir it’s only about 0.6% of it’s capability that it at present but in future it is gradually to increase as mentioned above..

And in future when it turns to be about 2% of its capability, we would even feel the energy as per the predictions made by scientists….


So that was it guys, I hope you like everything..  You must write down your opinions into the comment section for its only from you and by you individually..

Do checkout the first part I would link it : HERE

Talk to you in the next post, till then have a great day….😊😊


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