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Electromagnetism And The Electromagnetic Force



Hello and welcome everyone into a new and yet another interesting article. Today I am gonna be explaining you about multiple aspects of electromagnetism….. So let’s not waste time and get into the beautiful topic.

Electromagnetism- An Abstract

What Is ElectroMagnetism In Physics

Well before giving you with my arguements on the topic let’s just go through the standard electromagnetism definition in physics….

” Electromagnetism is a field of study in physics that deals with the electromagnetic forces, radiation, fields etc.. all combined or better say unified together…. ”

So this was the standard thing that doesn’t go hand in hand with people.

But don’t worry for I am here for making you go with the same…

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          So electromagnetism is basically a unification of electricity and magnetism as you would know. Here I’m considering that you know enough of electricity and magnetism. if not go click the links linked to the particular words.

So the fact is that at the time before the early 1820s, people didn’t knew that electricity and magnetism are different manifestations of the same common and unified thing to what we call today as electromagnetism….

And then two of them gone up with multiple of the events ( all described below in the history of electromagnetism section) forming this branch.. I think now you are certainly known of what the definition was saying……..

But my main motive with this article was to talk of the force and not much of the branch…. So let’s talk on the electromagnetic force…..


What is Electromagnetic Force In Physics?

So let’s take our conversation further to talk on the electromagnetic force… So at first I am to take you with the standard electromagnetic force definition that is as follow:


” The force that acts between two or more electrically charged particle is termed as electromagnetic force. ”

So an electromagnetic force is basically a force that always comes when charges are to get motion.. If charges gets up with motion they develop an electromagnetic field that has a velocity close to c( velocity of light in vacuum ).                Also electromagnetic force is the force of electricity and magnetism together in the most simplest words as where electricity lies, magnetism automatically lies in…

What is Electromagnetic Field?

Now you must be wondering at electromagnetic field. Right????… So now I am to tell you that what is an electromagnetic field in physics in very simple words…..

So to say it simply, it is an area that has the electromagnetic force described above in it i.e. the region that you know is like it’s presence at the quantum level in which the electromagnetic force is present is defined as it’s field….

There’s no such thing like field in real, it’s just a name given to an area containing the electromagnetic force…


What Is Electromagnetic Waves In Physics?

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     Now we’re to talk on a thing you must have heard of i.e. electromagnetic waves…. I would be telling you about what are electromagnetic waves in physics in as easiest way as I can.

So basically in an electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic force consistently creates multiple disturbances among the particles that lie in that field..

These disturbances are only described as electromagnetic waves. The upper curve said as crest while the lower curve is said as trough standardly.

Now at last let’s talk of the history of the discovery of electromagnetism to gain absolute clarity at the electromagnetism…


Electromagnetism History Along With Timeline…

In the timeline I have mentioned every incident but in our conversation we’re to talk only of the major ones…

So major incident took place with Professor Hans Christian Oersted when he was showing the phenomena of electricity practically to his students. Mistakenly he had left a pin between the circuit. So as he passed the electric current through the circuit, the pin was showing deflection. He observed the phenomenon and in 1820, showed that electricity and magnetism were relative and not absolute through his experiment.

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But he did it experimentally not mathematically and in the scientific community, mathematics is always to be there to accept anything on a 100% basis.

Here comes into the game a genius mathematician called Maxwell. In those days many of the works were being published relating it but no one was able to unify them with their mathematical skills.

   Credit : Wikipedia

But James Clerk Maxwell did it with his tremendous skills of mathematics and unified everything into a single thing so called as electromagnetism..

Here is the electromagnetism history timeline for you:

  • 1770-90 : Cavendish and Coulomb established the foundations of charges or better say electro stats
  • 1820: Oersted discovered electromagnetism 
  • 1820s: Ampere identifies I (current) as origin of all magnetism 
  • 1831 : Faraday (also Henry) discovers that time varying magnetic fields serve as sources for electric fields
  • 1864 : Maxwell unifies everything
  • 1887: Hertz demonstrates existence of electromagnetic waves, radiation etc.


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